Launch 2006


In early January 2006, an invitation to attend a public meeting to discuss the formation of a women’s multicultural choir, was posted in The Chronicle.   Sixty women attended the meeting and discussed a myriad of issues including the philosophy and mission of such a group.  A signature song (‘Women in Harmony’) was presented to the group by its creator, Conductor, Elaine Coates.  The enthusiastic group rehearsed the song, accompanied by Carolyn Ballinger, in preparation for the formal launch of the choir, scheduled for the following week.

The Women In Harmony Multicultural Choir was officially presented to the Toowoomba community on Australia Day, 2006. One hundred guests were welcomed to the event by speakers Elizabeth Cook-Long, Bronwyn Herbertson and Daniel Toombs.  Guests included the then Acting Attorney General Mr Kerry Shine, Director of the Department of Communities Mr Peter Hand and local Toowoomba City Councillor Ms Michelle Alroe.   The event culminated with the spontaneous dancing of guests as the choir performed its signature tune.  And so, in Toowoomba city, a medium to promote acceptance and friendship was born.