Our Members, Countries and Languages

          Some of the cultures represented in the choir and other lanuages in which we sing include:

Italian, Filipino, Scottish, Indigenous Australian, Sudanese, Korean, Polynesian, African Influence, French, Irish, Russian, Finnish, Tahitian, Japanese, Kenyan, Maori, Early American, Irish Gaelic, Brazilian Portugese, Hawaiian, Hebredean, Indian, Mandarin Chinese, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, German, Arabic, Australian Folk, Cook Islander, Sicilian Dialect, Canadian French, Czech, Hindi, Portugese, Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Hiligaynon, Tagalog, Bantu, Latin, Fijian, English and African.

           We also sing songs specially composed for the choir.

           To listen to a few excerpts from our albums, click here.



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